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La carte de cocktails - Holy Garden
26 Feb 2018


The new ‘La carte de cocktails ‘ of the favorable  Holy Garden in Athens  at the Athens Concert Hall according to the creating team of Xavier Misailidis, Ilias Marinakis, Diamantis Iliadis, and Stelios Rapos, embraces the smells and aromas experienced the whole summer. It is an ode to the summer capturing sun kissed memories, it is a taste interpretation to honor the country (Χώρα) of eternal sunshine. There is not a lot of waiting for, summer is close, and till then they have tried to place it in our glass.

Summery indeed and why not to enjoy the tastes of exotic fruit with rums and mescals, gins, herbs, peppers, chocolate, bitters and flowers throughout the year. Any excuse to travel to the whole world! There is quite an elegant approach of menu card design featuring exotic birds and colorful flowers. Right at the top, the Holy Tiki cocktails like the JACK SPAROW, a blend of Caribbean & Cuban rum, married with chamomile and spices, pear liqueur, ginger root, fresh pineapple, citrus mix and plum bitters.



We liked the title and we went for the cocktail ‘ 6 MILLION WAYS TO LIVE’ with Armagnac Darroge 8 Ans D’age, Bulleit Bourbon, D.O.M Benedictine, Green Chartreuse, banana liqueur and Cynar. COACHELLA cocktail with yuzu, tequila, chili liqueur,black mustard seeds, strawberry puree, homemade ginger and vanilla syrups. ‘ Coachella is a reminder of the continuous summer(in our hearts)where the ginger works as the wake up call to the present’    Ilias Marinakis.



The SUNSCREEN intended for those reminiscing the sunshine. It features Vodka, banana liqueur, coconut, vanilla and ginger syrups and pineapple puree.’ Sunscreen is acting as a notification to all of us not using sunscreen under the  sun. A tiny taste of where we’ll be all in a few months. It took it’s name from a song of Baz Lurthmann , Everybody’s free (to wear a sunscreen)’    Ilias Marinakis



Under the section Heads up, the RED DEVIL BEET, uses the qualities of two different gins, one infused by Indian pepper, homemade strawberry and beetroot shrub, prosecco and apple geranium. ‘Red devil beet, took its name from Tom Robbin’s novel ‘ Jitterbug Perfume’, but in our case, beetroot is the missing key ingredient to connect the dots used here in our version of attempt to seek morality’ Diamantis Iliadis



Under the section Blessed by the Gods we chose the PINEAPPLE SKULL with Mescal, green chartreuse, pineapple puree, organic basil, raspberry pure and sea salt for contrast. ‘ Pineapple Skull is our way to approach this adorable and heavenly fruit within its dark side, or create it. Like the one we all have somewhere hidden inside us, the one that we prefer to show only under specific circumstances.’ Diamantis Iliadis



If you are ever in Athens visit the HOLY GARDEN under the same roof with Mama Fuga at the Athens Concert Hall and lookout for the crowd . Feel the endless sunshine in your glass and travel the world through taste. After all, summer is only around the corner! 

The team will be the perfect hosts, as the team of Speakeasyhacker have experienced!



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