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Klelia & Christmas
13 Dec 2017

Klelia Aristotelous, a newcomer in the bartending profession started her experience of the first contact with the bartending experience as a student of a hotel and tourism management course.



‘At first, honestly speaking, it was a way to make extra cash but I was drawn to it, it came to my realisation that this can be my dream profession.  It is a profession that does not lock you between four walls, it always challenges you to be creative and it does not limit you. Techniques, colors, smells, densities and depths....and always in service of those seeking an experience. Love it now!’ Klelia Aristotelous

We have visited Klelia behind the bar and enjoyed quite a few drinks performed by her while poping a few questions in between. Promising new face behind the bar...we will keep an eye on her as the feeling hacker has is that she will go far in this field, so let’s see!


1. Women are  sensitive, charismatic, feminine, romantic and more creative than the average man. Does this help in creating combinations of liquid spirits  behind the bar

Gender has nothing to do with being a bartender.  It is about love and passion for what it is you do. A bartender never stops searching, learning and practising.  Creativity is something that is born by combining these elements. If you have the charisma to be romantic and scenic it will also help to make stories about every drink you mix.


2. When you have guests at the bar how do you approach them?

An approach with a smile!  It is important and essential to make you guest feel that they are in a safe and friendly environment so they can trust you, relax and unfold in front of you, ready to experience.


3. What is your inspiration when you are about to combine different tastes?

For inspiration I follow a line marked by the classic cocktails.  After that, it is important to consider body flavours that you are about to combine.  From that point onwards you experiment and try different things until you reach a satisfying result.


4. How do you see bartending as a profession?

Many believe that it is an easy profession. Nobody really gets how tough it can be.  It causes emotional and physical exhaustion.  Some may argue that it has an expiry date but it still is a fulfilling and rewarding job.


5. What is the next level of mixology according to you. We started with the classics we went sky up developing and incorporating molecular, craft syrups and spirits, smoked, infused, washed and all this jeargon...what's next?

You never know what is next.  Technology and our imagination keeps surprising us all the time. However, many bars have been looking at things in a more environmental way, so they are giving more emphasis on reducing waste. For example, in many countries bars stop using straws. So if you can achieve a cocktail with having no waste at all then, both the environment and your business win.



6. What are the best values in a bartender today?

Knowledge and personality are the best values that a bartender can have.  Because, knowledge improves your skills and personality gains your customer’s trust.


7. Who is your inspiration?

I don’t have a person that is my inspiration but I get my kicks definitely from the environment at my workplace. It is a bar which has a vibrant and inspirational team.  “Library” is one of those bars that does not hesitate to take risks and evolve.  It keeps high standard and strong character throughout. I like it this way!


8. If you had a chance to work in a bar anywhere in the world...which one would this be?

Personally it is not a matter of where but with who. So, if I had the chance to work anywhere in the world, where there is something for me to learn, get inspired and help me to evolve. I would dream to work with Simone Caporale!


9. Match the following food with cocktails or spirits

a. Grilled white fish with lemon butter sauce -  glass of white wine or a basil smash

b. Dark chocolate mousse with crystalized blackberries - a glass of cognac

c.  Roast duck breast with green peppercorns - Rum old fashion

d.  Maki rolls with smoked fish -glass of champagne or  a Gin and tonic


We challenged Klelia to create some Xmas cocktails for us with Diplomatico Planas.

Secret santa

4 cl Diplomatico planas
2 cl St - Germain
1.5 cl home made grenadine syrup
1.5 fresh pink grapefruit juice
1 cl fresh lemon juice
fresh pomegranate and cinnamon stick for garnish


Christmas eve

5cl Diplomatico planas
2.5 cl chestnut and cardamom syrup
3 cl soya milk
1.5 cl fresh lemon juice
Spray with rosewater
garnish with dried rose


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